AquaFUSION is CMF Global’s own polyethylene fusion training. AquaFUSION is performed in a 3-5 day hands on, on site training course with the construction personnel who will install your system. As part of the AquaFuse package, AquaFUSION provides our clients with the knowledge and tools required to safely and successfully install our AquaFuse HDPE Piping System.

Thanks, Doug, for making us better each and every time you work with our people! We appreciate your attention to detail and the safety that you instill.
Tom Works
I highly recommend CMF for several reasons, one being their outstanding training and support. Second their ability to handle crisis in a timely manner protecting all of us from harm’s way. As we know there have been several major HDPE issues documented all of which the manufactures failed to support, none of which were CMF’s project. The extra little insurance policy I feel that they give to the client, contractor, consultant and distributor is invaluable.
Sean Hyduk
Thank you for providing me with the knowledge to educate members, inspectors, and others on HDPE pipe. Your passion and enthusiasm to teach this fascinating material is outstanding and I appreciate that. I have gained so much information from your class; you have me wanting to know more, and like I said maybe even a career change. I looked forward to your class each morning knowing I was going to learn several things. You put in perspective the uses and needs for HDPE in every industry along with the “greenness” of the material. All the facts, along with the details to justify the facts, were explained so simply making it easy to understand. Setting up different scenarios along with repetition was a great method to make sure the information was absorbed. You teach an excellent class that anyone would be crazy not to attend if given the opportunity.
Landon Braud

AquaFUSION Training

With the AquaFusion training, students put theory and instruction in to practice. Each Operator and Technicians Qualification session is divided into approximately 30% classroom instruction and 70% hands-on application to provide better learning opportunities and real-world experience pipe fusion processes.

After the Operator Qualification training, students undergo testing, both written and hands-on, to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge required in the field, as defined by ASTM standard F2620 and PPI technical reports TR-33 and TR-41. Students that successfully pass the test receive a CMF Global Mid-Range Operator Qualification training certificate. Certification lasts for 2 years and can be renewed with follow-up testing.

Our AquaFUSION training is 3-5 days and covers all aspects of fusion (butt, electro, socket_ and also spends time with the superintendent and maintenance crew.

Mid-Range Diameter Operator Qualification session (covering pipe sizes 2” IPS to 48” OD – 63mm to 1200mm), students will put the knowledge retained in our In Class training and successful pipe fusion skills will be supplemented by using manual datalogging to quickly analyze and check each fusion joint made.

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AquaFUSION training has been successful in many applications and worldwide. This training provides our clients with confidence and
assurance of the team who will install their AquaFuse HDPE Piping System.

For more information, please contact our AquaFuse Sales Representatives.
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