AquaFuse now offers Metric Pipe and Fittings!

Sizes from 50mm to 1400mm

Options in coils, reels and sticks.

AquaFuse®: The Superior Choice

AquaFuse®, made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), delivers exceptional value, unwavering reliability and remarkable advantages over conventional piping systems. AquaFuse by CMF Global is the right choice for all irrigation and all pressure applications. HDPE piping is the superior choice because it is a complete system including AquaFuse HDPE pipe, AquaFuse HDPE valves and AquaFuse HDPE fittings.

AquaFuse®: For the Life of Your Project

High density polyethylene (HDPE) has been used for municipal and industrial applications for almost 50 years. Fully fused joints create a leak-free, self-restrained, monolithic pipe system that allows the pipe to be pulled from one area to another with minimum disruption to traffic or the environment; the fused joint will also eliminate infiltration into the pipe and exfiltration into the environment.

Other benefits of AquaFuse HDPE systems include chemical, abrasion, fatigue, seismic and corrosion resistance. HDPE has been used in drinking water pipe applications for almost 50 years and now carries a 100 year design life! HDPE is specified and/or approved in AWWA C901, AWWA C906, NSF 14, NSF 16 and ASTM D3035. It is a proven product in rugged terrains, extreme climates and changing site environments.

AquaFuse® Advantages:

  • Long-term service life

  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • Highly-resistent to corrosion, abrasion,
    and chemicals

  • Strong, durable, flexible and lightweight
  • Longer-lengths of pipe, available in both
    coils and up to 50’ sticks
  • Full on-site technical support
  • Lower labor requirements for
  • Significant overall cost savings
  • 24-hour support hotline

Going to Great Lengths

AquaFuse is available in sizes from 1” to 54” and some sizes can be ordered in coils, reels or sticks. The long lengths eliminate multiple joints. AquaFuse is rated for recurrent surges to 1.5 times the rated pressure, and occasional surges to two times the rated pressure. This eliminates the water hammer problem that other piping systems have always endured.

Flexibility for the Job

Installation of AquaFuse is simple and cost effective. HDPE pipe can bend to follow curves and route around obstacles. CMF’s AquaFuse can be bent to a radius up to 25 times the diameter. Other piping systems require a series of glued or gasketed joints increasing the possibility of leakage. Tapping the HDPE irrigation pipe is simple with threaded connections, fusion connections, and mechanical saddles for sprinklers and valves.

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